The Arts

The Arts are a fundamental means of expression of communication in all societies. Through the Arts we gain a sense of our social and individual identity.

At Resurrection we believe that the pursuit of the Arts plays a vital part in developing student knowledge and skills.  We believe that students benefit in many ways from the Arts; they develop increased self esteem and self confidence both as learners and as performers, they develop teamwork and communication skills and they are able to utilise their imaginations.

Visual Arts

Regular art lessons occur in all levels. The Visual Arts program covers the history of art, art appreciation and skill development of creating, making and presenting. Where possible Visual Arts is part of the integrated program.


Drama, Dance and Music

Skills in drama and dance are taught by a specialist Performing Arts teacher for students in Prep to Year Six.
In music, students study various styles of music and then compose and perform their own music based on this knowledge.