Learning & Teaching @ Resurrection

Our motto “We Care” is reflected in the very life of the school and is further evidenced through the close partnerships forged with all concerned with the education of our children. The Teaching Teams at Resurrection recognise that for us to prepare the children for the future that awaits them, we need to provide them with learning experiences that are vastly different to that of their parents. To succeed in this, we embrace the need as professionals, to develop teaching methodologies that reflect the realities and needs of today.

Positive Educational Experiences

In focusing on the future needs of each individual within our care, Resurrection provides the students with positive educational experiences that will hopefully open up many wonderful possibilities, empowering each child to develop the innate potential that exists within each of them.

We strive to involve each child in a journey of self development and self discovery, building within each individual the confidence to believe in self, the ability to clearly articulate their needs and thoughts, to interact with all confidently, to have respect for self and others and the belief that their God walks with them. In other words, the development of a person of hope, passion and faith.

Up-To-Date Facilities & Resources

Resurrection has up-to-date facilities and resources matching the rhetoric of what we believe about learning and teaching with the needs of staff and children.

Children are encouraged and challenged to develop their learning responses, in all areas of the curriculum, by using the wide range of possibilities that are open to them. Examples being: interactive whiteboards, digital, web and video cameras, computer technology and software. A well-resourced Education Resource Centre and Computer Lab compliment all programs for both staff and children. Every opportunity is used to connect to the human resources of the Resurrection community and those of the wider community.


In addition to offering a solid grounding in the basics - Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, we have also developed an Integrated Inquiry Approach. This brings together the learning disciplines of the Victorian Curriculum such as Science, History, Geography, Economics, Health and Physical Education and Information & Communication Technology, Civics and Citizenship, Personal Learning and Thinking Processes. The goal being to help children see the interrelatedness of the various Domains and Dimensions while at the same time learning to appreciate each part of the whole curriculum.

We compliment the above programs with specialist teachers covering Information & Computer Technology, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Italian.

Resurrection is committed to helping each individual child reach his/her potential. To this end we have developed an extensive intervention program. A Reading Recovery teacher works with children in the Year One area who are experiencing difficulties with reading. Intervention teachers and aides also provide further support for children who are either in need of extension or intervention.

At Resurrection we have developed an extensive response to both the physical and outdoor aspects of learning. Our Physical Education Program includes a weekly PE and sports program. A swimming program is provided for Years P-4. The Year Six students participate in the summer and winter Interschool Sports.

Each year level is involved in a sequential Out ‘n About Program. The program begins in a small way in the student’s first year at Resurrection and develops further over the following six years. The program enables students to further their learning and social skill development primarily in a non-school setting. Camps may have a spiritual, environmental, outdoor or social emphasis and are a much valued aspect of the educational programs offered at Resurrection.

The Arts has long been a special focus in the programs offered at Resurrection Primary. Each alternate year, every student participates in a whole school Arts production giving each child the opportunity to engage in all aspects of theatre, developing their performing, production and musical skills, or to showcase their Visual Arts talents. Our assemblies are often used to encourage individuals or groups of children to showcase their talents.

Easter and Christmas are a further means used by the staff of Resurrection to use action and song to proclaim the Gospel. The school choir adds greatly to these occasions as well as the whole school and class Masses.