Education in Faith

“The vision of Resurrection Catholic School is for the development of a personal relationship with God through Jesus. We aim to display the Christian values that Jesus taught us and express our faith by living out the sacrament in a prayerful and liturgical life”. Resurrection Mission/Vision Statement

By virtue of our identity as a Catholic school, Resurrection Catholic Primary School is an evangelising community established to proclaim the truth of God, as revealed within the believing and worshipping Church, in human experience, words and deeds, and in loving relationships with others.

In light of the Gospel, we acknowledge Jesus as The Way, The Truth and The Life. Through our lived experiences, we recognise and respond to Jesus’ call to faith as we actively bring the Kingdom of God into our world.
Religious Education is central to the curriculum and culture of Resurrection Catholic Primary School and aims to:

  • provide opportunities, nourished by prayer, liturgy and the celebration of the Sacraments, that promote the student’s spiritual development,
  • enhance the student’s knowledge of God by effectively drawing from the various fields of revelation, in ways that are meaningful and show respect for the students who come from a diversity of cultural and religious backgrounds,

We aim to link together, through our cultural diversity, as one faith community. We are brought together in our celebration of liturgy and with the assistance of the Parish Sacramental Program, the school newsletter and parish publications. We express our support for the wider community through fundraising for Caritas Australia, Catholic Missions, St. Vincent de Paul Society etc.

We are committed to actively promoting Gospel values through word and deed. This is evident in our policies and programs, pastoral care initiatives (positive behaviour support program, anti-bullying) and in our commitment to developing positive relationships within our community.

We create opportunities for individuals within the community to ‘develop in faith and spirituality’ and deepen their ‘commitment to God’ through prayer experiences, Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic liturgies, the instruction provided through the religious education program and the Parish Sacramental Program.

We are a Christian community living our faith in the Catholic tradition. We celebrate in and share the Good News of the Risen Jesus. We see great opportunities and challenges in today’s society and we are excited about sharing our faith with your children.