Resurrection Catholic Primary School Kings Park, is a Catholic Parish Primary School catering for children from Prep –Year 6.

Applications for Enrolment

Applications for enrolment of pre-schoolers are called for in Term Two of the year prior to commencement of school.  At enrolment, parents are asked to present birth, baptism and pre-school immunization certificates.

Enrolment Criteria

In enrolling your child, parents need to demonstrate a commitment to the Catholic Vision of the school and be willing to establish a close partnership with the parish school.

1.The school has a commitment to enrol Catholic children who reside within the Parish boundaries at the time of enrolment.
2.The school has a commitment to enrol the siblings of children who attend the school.
3.The school has a commitment to try to accommodate Catholic children who reside outside the    Parish boundaries when they are unable to be placed in a Catholic school within their own parish.
4.The Parish Priest may also approve the enrolment of students outside the parish for pastoral reasons.

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Community Helpers

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